Jewish Businesses

A brief history of Jewish businesses in the city of Brantford.

In the early and mid-1900s, Jewish people made significant contributions to Brantford’s business community. In 1911, there were 23 Jewish-owned businesses in Brantford, including shoemakers, grocers, furnishings, and junk dealers; by 1962, that figure had more than doubled, with 56 Jewish-owned businesses operating in Brantford.



Over the years, the variety of services offered by Jewish business owners in the city had greatly expanded. Brantford had several Jewish-owned ladies’ wear stores and clothiers; 1947 saw the opening of the Appleby restaurant, and in 1962 several new businesses were established including a jeweler, a real estate agency, an automotive supply shop, and a physician’s office. 





Of the 56 Jewish-owned businesses operating in Brantford in 1962, 19 of them were concentrated along a three-block stretch of Colborne Street in the city's downtown core.


Brantford's Jewish-owned businesses in 1911


Brantford's Jewish-owned businesses in 1962



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