Community Activities

Brantford's Jewish community was vibrant and active. Learn more about their organizations and events.

Hadassah - Sharon Chapter

Buzz, buzz, we're as busy as bees

Preparing a sale that is sure to please

The gourmet who wishes a family treat

Or to fill her freezer with good things to eat.

There are bargains galore with many a surprise.

Exciting gifts which are such terrific buys.

And the clothing and jewels you'll scream with delight.

It's Tuesday, the 17th, both afternoon and nite.

- a poem written to advertise a sale organized by Hadassah at the Beth David Synagogue

In 1919, Brantford’s Jewish ladies organized Canada’s third chapter of Hadassah, a volunteer organization focusing on community service. In 1921, Hadassah Canada merged with the Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO). In 1929, the Brantford chapter adopted the name Rose of Sharon, later shortening it to Sharon Chapter of Hadassah. At founding, the chapter membership was 30 and by 1962 it had 92 members.

Fundraising activities included an annual birthday party (started in 1925), Hadassah Bazaar (started in 1952), sewing circles, potlucks, garden and cocktail parties, rummage and auction sales, fashion shows, barbecues, movie nights and the annual Children & Youth Aliyah campaigns.

The Brantford chapter of Hadassah was involved in the following endeavours:

  • Recreation programming at the John Noble long-term care home.
  • Providing assistance to the Canadian Red Cross.
  • A bursary for a deserving student at the local high school.
  • Contributions to local hospitals, the civic centre, the Community Chest, and the Community Welfare Council.


B'nai Brith Lodge

Brantford also had a B'nai Brith Lodge, no. 1154. It was founded in 1931. B'nai Brith is a fraternal community service organization. Lodge no. 1154 organized cultural events in the city of Brantford, sponsored a local youth hockey team, and worked to promote Jewish rights in Canada.

Fundraising activities included the annual Installation Dinner and Dance (started in 1933), Monte Carlo nights, concerts, dances, and lectures. B’nai B’rith supported the Brantford General Hospital, the building of the Civic Auditorium, and various other local initiatives.


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