Antisemitism in Brantford

A history of Antisemitic discrimination in Brantford


Unfortunately, we have seen throughout history that immigrants are often subjected to discrimination by local populations. The Jewish community in Brantford was no exception. They endured attacks including harassment, violence and racial slurs. Several Jewish-owned businesses were subject to vandalism, such as smashed windows and defacing of their property. The community was able to withstand this adversity, establishing a vibrant community for the following generation to prosper.


Alongside these attacks, the Jewish community in Brantford also faced systemic obstacles. Members of the community reported difficulty finding employment as many locals did not wish to hire immigrant workers. One other notable systemic barrier the community faced was their initial inability to purchase a property for their synagogue, as their application to purchase property on William Street was rejected for antisemitic reasons. Eventually the Jewish community built their synagogue on Palace Street and established their own businesses within Brantford, becoming integral to the social and economic fabric of the city.


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