Memories of Louis Torti, Master Craftsman

Lisa Dietrich's (nee Pignotta) tribute to her grandfather - Louis Torti

Photo - Louis Torti (Left) in own Roman suit of armour riding his own chariot


As a master craftsman, Louis demonstrated his far-reaching talents through the deft manipulation of such materials as wood, steel, aluminum and bronze, to expertly fashion musical instruments, weaponry and roman artifacts. From guitars to violins, crossbows to rifles, telescopes to a Roman chariot. Louis's genius knew no bounds and left those who had the privilege of observing his work spellbound and in awe of his magnificent creations. Louis was a man whose creative and engineering abilities were not honed through formal training, but were realized through sheer passion and dedicated application, fuelled by the unyielding scope of his intelligence and his innate, natural abilities. The profound impact his artistry has left on the community is immeasurable. Often frustrated family members who had come upon an electrical, mechanical or architectural snag were heard to utter, "take it to Louie, he can fix anything." He was a kind, humble, giving man, of 'grand intellectual proportions, who was able to do something most of us only muse quietly about, by fearlessly embracing his God-given gifts, translating them into sheer beauty and leaving behind an extraordinary legacy future generations will take pride in discovering, and utter joy in appreciating.


By Granddaughter - Lisa Ann


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