Chinese Language School

In May of 1969, Brantford's Chinese community finally saw a collective dream come true - the opening of a Chinese language school. The school was opened in St. Luke's Anglican church, and aimed to teach its attendees to read and write in Chinese (specifically Cantonese). Classes were held once a week, on Fridays. In addition to teaching the language, the school's administration and its ten teachers sought to provide an education in Chinese literature, history, and philosophy.


The teachers worked at the school on a voluntary basis and rotated amongst themselves. There were two classes, one for the pupils who were just beginning and another for those who were at a more intermediate level.


Dr. Thomas Chiang was instrumental in the school's establishment, but was unfortunately unable to participate in the running of the school, as he only spoke Mandarin. There was great hope that the school would expand along with the increase in Chinese immigrants to the city.


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