Dick Marr

Dick Marr was a prominent member of Brantford's Chinese community. He opened the first Chinese restaurant in the city, the Boston Cafe, in 1907. The image on the left shows the proprietors standing in front of the new restaurant.

Mr. Marr was well known not only within his own community, but within Brantford at large. Many mentions of Dick Marr can be found in the archives of the Brantford Expositor. He engaged in many community events, spearheaded fundraising efforts, and even served as an interpreter when other members of the Chinese community needed to go in front of Brantford's court.

During World War One, Dick Marr rallied Brantford's Chinese community to collectively subscribe to $1,250 worth of Victory Loans to support Canada's war efforts. He was also a member of Brantford's Chinese Nationalist League, and made personal financial contributions to revolutionary campaigns back in China during the 1911 revolution which ended the last imperial dynasty and established the Chinese Republic.

In 1920, Dick Marr left Brantford for Vancouver, B.C., to continue his business ventures.


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