The Chinese community in Brantford was not necessarily culturally homogenous. Some members of the community were Christians and did not participate in traditional festivities. Others worked to keep such traditions alive, and even to educate other Brantfordians about Chinese culture. Lunar New Year celebrations were noted in the Expositor as early as 1908 and as late as 1972.


Members of the community were known to enjoy Fan Tan, a game of chance that has long been a popular gambling game in China; while the community was considered by the police to be one of the most orderly communities in the city, there were a few arrests made in relation to this game. Other cultural activities undertaken by Brantford's Chinese community included a victory parade to celebrate the victory of the 1911 Chinese revolution; annual Quingming festivals, a tomb-sweeping day held to honour predecessors; and a float in a city parade. In 1961, Shanghai Restaurant hosted a Christmas dinner for the community; and in 1978, as part of the International Villages festival, the community hosted a Chinese Village where they taught other Brantfordians about traditional Chinese medicines, fashion, religion and philosophy, dance and martial arts.


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