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Using a vast resource of materials, we began research into the Chinese immigrant community by conducting 10 video interviews of the memories of immigrants and their families. Archives in the museum were searched through and the planning for activities commenced. Brant Theatre Workshops began workshops of its play, Brian Moore created a script for his walking tour and Dr. Christina Han worked with associates and students at Laurier and the Museum to fill out the immigrant story with artifacts and exhibits. In the end we produced a feature exhibit at the Brant Museum, "Laundries, Chopsticks, Medicine" attended a concert with the Grand River Chinese Orchestra and attended the original play, "Tomb Sweeping",  and enjoyed a delicious Chinese  take out dinner courtesy of the Mark family at the Oriental Restaurant. If you care to view the Immigrant Chinese Videos, you can find links to them at Brant Theatre Workshops website.

I found a shared sense of experiences and comradery between, for example, Polish immigrants and Italian immigrants, and all these other immigrant groups because they all knew what the other groups were going through." - Peter Giordano


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